Monday, July 03, 2006

Flex 2 Released

Flex 2 got released last week. It is my first product shippment after I joined the Flex team in July 2005. I will be completing one year in another 16 days !

The basic SDK has been made free for the first time where as other pieces of the product suite are available for a price.

I have been busy making lot of changes and fixes to automated testing. More about it later.

I also started building an ActiveX control to communicate with a Flash SWF/ActionScript first hand. I could not get the ActiveX object to get created in JScript on IE for a whole day. Finally figured out that I need to add


to the interface to get going !

I don't know why few things have to be always hidden.

I was successfully able to pass strings across. ExternalInterface is a cool thing in Flash to communicate with JavaScript. I also want to try implementing the NPAPI to able to do the same thing in other browsers in next free time.

I have been trying to build a Graph component in Flex in my week-ends when my daughter is sleeping. But still long way to go before I can do the alpha release.