Friday, December 15, 2006

4pm revelations

Daily around 4pm we go for coffee/tea/snacks. Few weeks back Ajit started a conversation saying he got thinking about religion,marriage after reading Anjali's blog about religion.

All people in their mid twenties have lot of confusion when it comes to marriage. They think they will loose their freedom after marriage. They think they may not find the correct match and run into trouble.

Ajit feels true friendships are developed from childhood and friendships started at later dates are superficial. That made me think about my fathers remark that child marriages were done keeping this view in mind. At that small age they become friends easily and adjust to each other very well.

I was happy and surprised to know from Sam that in their religion/community parents don't interfere with married life of their children and they are given a free hand. I think in India that approach makes lot of sense and if adopted by everyone all families will be more happier.

One of my maternal uncles keeps reminding me that who ever got married around the same time as me (Feb 14th 2001) have separated from their parents and I am the only one still living with parents.

Ajit visited Ramakrishna Ashram on one of the week-ends and bought some books on Vivekananda. After few pages he feels Vivekananda also had similar questions about life and religion which had come to his mind. Hopefully we will have more revelations about the book.