Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Web 2.0 What is it?

I heard about Web 2.0 in a Adobe internal Tech conference at San Jose. I was so sleepy due to jet lag that I couldn't concentrate on the presentation. Today I found a reference to a good article about it from Kevin Lynch blog. Need to find time to read it !

Why do people blog?

I heard about blogging (please believe me) for the first time when I joined Macromedia in July 2005. I created my own blog after Manish sent out a mail to a group of people. As it is with any habit it is difficult to start and it is more difficult to get rid of it. And till now I have been able to blog only now and then but not regularly though I keep getting ideas on which I want to blog.

One such idea is : Why do people blog?
  • Is it to share there thoughts?
  • Is it the constant desire to communicate?
  • Is it to develop friendship with people around the world?
  • Is it to reduce feeling of loneliness which always creeps into once mind ?
Why, why do people blog?