Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tupperware and rest of the business world

Where as the aim of every business in the world is to use every means available to popularize its product and sell more Tupperware seems to be sticking to its stand and using only direct marketing as its only selling mode. I was surprised to read that they are resistant to internet and consultant is not permitted to maintain a website that promotes their Tupperware business, nor may they use any third party website such as eBay or amazon to sell Tupperware products.

They may also not undertake any advertising or publicity using the Tupperware name without the specific permission of the corporation, which sees such advertising as as trademark infringement. In practice, these policies primarily limits consultants to word of mouth advertising through the party plan.

As long as there is human race on earth there would be destruction

Humans boast themselves as the most advanced animals bilogically and mentally in nature. They can also boast about being the most mean, destructive, corrupt and selfish animal who have no considerstation what so ever about anyone or anything else in nature.

Without agreeing to the above it is very difficult to explain human behavior in various circumstances. Everyday newspapers pour out news about human atrocities againest other animals (including other humans) and nature. Some do it knowingly and some do it unknowignly or ignoring the knowledge they have!

It is shocking to read how the ocean is being getting robbed everyday of its wealth in the form of fishing, shark hunts, whale killing etc forests are being eroded and converted either into land for cultivation or cities.

I remember watching Living Planet in mid 80s by Sir David Attenborough.

I don't know what our future generations would get to see!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SilverLight is coming....

I had read this article long back.

When I heard of silver light from Microsoft, it made me remember this article.

As the page says would SliverLight be becoming better in the coming releases?

What is going to be Adobe's next move?
Are they going to beaf up the player and associated products in next releases?
Or they would come out with something totally new which would be the next center of attraction?
Did Adobe/Macromedia enjoy the monopoly for too long without paying much attention to improving the player by leaps and bounds? Or they had expected this move from MS?

As the article says it feels like the only way MS can keep growing in the coming years is by targetting successful products by other companies.