Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Automated testing support for Flex

I started working on AT for Flex last month. As of now it is supported only Quick Test Professional from Mercury and for the IE browser on Windows.

A preview release happened yesterday.

I have been working on bug fixing for few weeks now and moving on to supporting nested apps/RSLs from today.

I am new to RIA, Flash and internet. So I need to understand how to build RSLs and use them before I can start implementing/testing support for them in AT.

I found some material on RSL written by Roger here . But it is for Flex 1.5 and I couldnot make much use of it except for the information and advantages of RSL.

So I started using the FlexBuilder Beta 2 to build the apps. After some initial hickups I was able to build a shared library and a mother app using the lib.

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