Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Life as a corporate employee

Today I couldn't resist myself writing this because I wanted to get this out of my heart and continue working! Top management of any company has only one motive in their head: squeeze as much as possible out of every employee you have, out of his brain and out of his body. When you find that you can get the same thing out of somebody else at a lesser cost throw him out and get the new guy.

The second motive is to spend as less as possible on every employee to keep the profit figure at the highest possible level.

The third and most important motive is to make the employee believe that the company doesn't have the above motives and he/she comes first. The core value of the company is its people.

Human mind is so adaptive that though it knows very well about all the three motives it learns to live in the imaginary world created by the management as part of the third motive !!!

May be someday I will write the whole story which was the root cause for this out-burst.


Abdul said...

I can understand the emotions. It's mostly happens in Indian corporates. Startups are cool because of small team size and more freedom to choose what you want to do and how you want to do. You feel more involved, more ownership and more pride.

Phase of life, we all go through while working for some corporate :)


Sreenivas said...

I think in happenes everywhere in the world, where ever there are corporates! Without it happening it would be very hard to explain the year after year growth of corporates and more and more articles about stress related problems, employee attrition etc.