Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Automated testing support for Flex is DONE!

After many days oops... months of going underground due to heavy work schedule today got some free time to read something. Found a good one on Anjali's blog.

I have been working on Automated testing support for Flex for all these months. After a long time 7 years+ of gap I worked on many week-ends to finish the design and implementation. The 7 years I spent working on Studio and Maya from Alias (now Autodesk) I can't remember working on any week-end.

I was happy to find the items we worked on Adobe Photoshop Integration and Maya Artisan, Attribute and Script Painting, 3D Paint listed in the Maya features list. Vidyadhar, Sanjay, Venky and myself worked on Photoshop integration before I left Tata Elxsi. Chetan, Gowrishankar and myself were working on Artisan features before that.

Hopefully I would have free time to do things I have missed all these days. Though everyone talks about work/life balance it is difficult to achieve.

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