Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Browser wars

Just got a mail from one of my colleagues about browser wars taking one more step ahead. There are scripts available now to prompt users to use FireFox instead of IE.

Are people against MS success or MS policies or MS way of marketing or MS way of driving monopoly ? What are they really fighting against ?

What ever one does in this world there are always people who support you and people who are against you. Is it just to do with mind set or something else?

I have tried to use FireFox but normally I fall back to IE after some days because some of the sites I regualary visit like www.mutualfundsindia.com cannot be viewed properly in FireFox. For a bug reported on similar issue in www.ebay.com the mozilla developers have replied that it is a problem with the site itself as they are using IE specific tags in the pages !

I am sure with the above script making rounds on the internet may also conribute to increase in number of sites with similar pages !

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