Wednesday, December 14, 2005

From C++ world to Script world

I have been a C, C++ programmer from my day number one in software industry (1994 to 2005).

After joining Macromedia I entered the world of ActionScript when I started working on Flex.

Do I miss all the features I enjoyed in C++ like multiple inheritence, operator overloading etc etc?

Not much. May be because I am developing a framework or may be I am getting used to interfaces now !

Now that I have been working on AS for nearly 5-6 months I feel both have their positive and negative points or should I say positive and positive points :-)

One of the strange new things I faced was the equal (==) and strictly equal operator (===).
The first one checks for value equality and second one checks for value and type equality.

You can find a discussion about this and the problem it can create here.

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