Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Charts in Flex

From the first day of the week I decided to dedicate the last half to one hour of the day to learn something new and interesting. So this week I started with learning Charts in Flex. I searched on google for a tutorial and it happened to point out this on MM site itself.

I followed the tutorial and was really amazed at its capabilites. So little code but so much of functionality. I was impressed by the animation effect added in the end. May be my Maya background is playing a part here :-)

Earlier while working on my own mutual fund investment performance tracker in C# I had searched the net for some free C# code for graph. I found ZGraph. I was impressed by its working too. Now I would like to develop the same app with Flex and compare them. But they may not happen early because of the work load and holidays coming up !

I will play around with charts more in Flex and test other RIA products to see what do they provide and what not.

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