Thursday, December 22, 2005


Today I started studying OpenLaszlo.
  • I was impressed by the learn in ten minutes explorer which allows you to play around and see the result. I wonder why MM didnot provide something similar with their Flex explorer.
  • The container and its children are repeated automatically when the datapath points to an array of elements.
  • Data access is XML based in Laszlo and I was interested to see their syntax for accessing the sub-nodes as I was not very successful and the way it can be done in Flex. I was happy to note the absolute and relative way of specifying the datapath properties as it helps a great deal to change only the relavent parent property without changing all the children.
    I have not yet tried E4X support being provided in Flex. I need to test it soon to compare the two.
  • Creating user classes and derived classes in Laszlo is another cool feature which I liked. Does Flex allow a similar feature ? I have come across extending Flex framework classes in MXML but not creating user classes. I need to exploer this too.
  • Defining events under object-orientation is confusing because it is different from defining attributes and defining methods. It should have been named defining event handlers.

I visited the company site too. The internet consumer/user facts presented there as a background for RIA development is very interesting. Though I have been one of those users being a developer I have never thought about the possible solution. To advance on the technical ladder which I plan to do as part of my long term carrier plan I need to develop the habit and ideas to have a look out for these kind of problems and their solutions.

I keep remembering a very good peom repeated very often my grand father.

What the other folk can do,
Why with patience may not you,
Only keep this rule in view,
Try, Try, Try again.

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