Tuesday, December 13, 2005

One week into Adobe

It is one week + one day at Adobe. Some changes have happened and some changes are at to happen. Over the week end we shifted to adobe mail system. Lot of mailing problems for many people. I have been lucky enough not to get into any trouble.

The password policy is very strict and I had to spend some energy to get a password which will be accepted. It may soon come to a point where in I have to write down the password somewhere so that I won't forget it ! Should I blame the hackers out there for all this trouble ?

Flex development work continues. It is sometimes challenging and at other times painful to work on a framework. The number of things one needs to consider while implementing anything can be depressing ! And while making any small change you need to think several times to cover all use cases to make sure nothing else will be broken :-)

Met a colleague from my previous company Tata Elxsi today. Harsha is currently working in Japan in Cannon. He is working on printer drivers. Learnt a bit about English language in Japan. They have created a separate script to write English words and they have made it in such a way that no word can be correctly represented for pronunciation ! He told no one seems to know the reason behind the creation of the new script when it has such a serious drawback :-)

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